Interruption Theories in New York City

This wonderful trip was sponsored by the Urban Lab and organised by New York University’s Institute for Public Knowledge (IPK) and the Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies. We went through three days of presentations, discussions and drinks trying to figure out what interruption was and how we could theorise it in relation to urban life, urban culture, urban change. Conclusions are yet to be drawn, but the exercise was top class!


Hugh Campbell – for his fantastic insight into photographer Abelardo Morell‘s Camera Obscura series;

Tim Cresswell – whose graffiti work I’ve been referencing for quite a while, now presenting on friction and its role in understanding mobility. Also has good knowledge of Manhattan bars;

Jeroen de Kloet – for his work on China and some fantastic contemporary Chinese artists whose names I forgot;

Shirely Jordan – for being such a lady and a great organiser; and for her thorough analysis of Stephane Couturier‘s photography;

Christoph Lindner – who was the main reason I ended up in NY in the first place. To be followed for research related to slowness and cities, slow art and creative interruptions of urban rhythms;

Bill Marshall – for studies on parkour photography

Richard J Williams – for his captivating story telling, his forthcoming book “Sex and Buildings” and because he made me take up Twitter again during the workshop.

Public panel discussion on interruption, left to right: Christoph Lindner, Shirley Jordan, Joseph Heathcott, Sharon Zukin, Richard J Williams:DSC02182And an evening shot with the fellow PhDs from the workshop + my friend and host, Jenny: Nick Jones, Pedram Dibazar, Jenny Aleman, me and Miriam Meissner. DSC02184


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