Artscapes Conference in Canterbury

This past weekend (27-28 June 2013) found me in Canterbury on a professional trip, city break and country retreat all in one. Carolina Vasilikou, Manila Castoro and Jonathan Ward of the University of Kent organised a conference on public art and its publics with a young and engaging group of participants, who were also great fun over dinner.


Discussions were quite diverse in terms of topics, but here is my usual list of memorable people and projects:

– The Artscapes group itself, which is just starting off but managed to bring together a good honest community in its first year conference;

Claudio Musso for his mural production and curation in Bologna and his lucid views on street art. For those who can read Italian, Claudio’s project is on Twitter @FrontierBo;

Eugene Nulman & Carolina Vasilikou for their thorough mapping of political graffiti in Bologna which revealed some connections between messages, buildings and city areas;

Jonathan Vickery for introducing us to Jochen Gerz’s fascinating 2-3 Streets project in an honest and exploratory way. The website is a good read of what the artist did – or rather what he didn’t do;

Bill Ruskin for his good art historical account of Dan Graham’s pavilions.

And finally Canterbury for being the quiet, green and tranquil opposite of London, also for its good academic humour:



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