SABLE work in Leake Street

Leake St has been my main research concern for over two months now, as I have been photographing some walls there on a daily basis in preparation for a time lapse project. The chaos of that space is what I love most about it, but the work I found today reminded me of the pleasures of an imaginatively conceived and neatly executed piece.


This is the world of SABLE, with roads, buildings, people and cars, a flat and intricate urban environment which dwells in the tunnel at Waterloo.


This was drawn with a spray-paint, mind you, and is not some ready made poster simply pasted on the wall. The minimalist lines and camouflaged characters are a clear reference to Keith Haring’s work, whose little flat people used to animate billboards in the New York subway in the 80s. Sable created a whole city for the little fellows, complete with Escherian geometries and an impressive display of drawing skills.

After a few steps further in the tunnel, I got to like this guy’s work even better. I’m not one for a drastic separation between street art and graffiti, so I can only be glad when I see these two different pieces coming from the same imagination and steady hand.


I’ll post an updated wall tomorrow to see how this work evolved. Until then, Mr. Sable is one to look out for.


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