SABLE Day 2 on Leake St

Experience tells me that no piece lasts too long in Leake St, so I was expecting to find a completely changed wall today where the large Sable mural stood yesterday. Instead, Sable’s work was only in an initial stage of visual attack, much to my surprise.

DSC04181The tag visible here is by STUBS, who has been busy writing his name all over the tunnel for the past few days. Can’t argue with his choice of spots though – he probably wouldn’t have gotten mentioned here at all, had it not been for the placement of this particular tag.

DSC04180This shot has almost an exact framing as one of yesterday’s photos (an exercise I’ve been working on for a while now – results to be revealed soon), showing how Sable’s city is slowly getting occupied by a series of visual migrants. Is it a pity? I don’t think so. It’s not every day that you get such a cool background to put your tag on.


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