This section shows some graffiti research experiments with reading inscriptions in situ, in an intimate relation to their locations. I strongly believe that street art and graffiti are inseparable from the surface spots they occupy, and these are some of the ways in which this relation gets established.

Geosemiotics is a place based semiotic interpretation, which focuses on where signs are placed and how they function in their environments. I use this method to approach my street art research, producing tentative understandings of the functions, arrangements and categories that make sense of street art and graffiti. What follows are some of the filters I apply when looking at walls, illustrating one of my main methods of doing graffiti research.



size/ placement/ legibility/ visibilityPicture18Picture19Picture20Picture21Picture13Picture22

surfaces/ textures/ signs/ framesPicture4Picture0Picture7Picture5 Picture6Picture49 Picture10Picture11Picture12

classification/ compatibility/ contemporary archaeologyPicture26Picture27Picture28Picture16Picture9Picture29Picture30Picture31Picture24

status/ legality/ ambiguity/ policy
Picture35Picture14 Picture36 Picture37 Picture38 Picture40 Picture41Picture39 Picture42Picture44 Picture43



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