SabinaI run an arts organisation, I Know What I Like, curate up-and-coming art, and am studying for a PhD at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.

Welcome to my site, where I show some of my work. This is divided between a series of categories, all loosely connected by my interest in art and its sites of existence.

You will find street art research and graffiti research work under Doctoral Studies, which shows some of my explorations of urban sites and signs, from the textural to the structural and to the aesthetically pleasing. These studies look at street art and graffiti through their connections with city surfaces, trying to understand the importance of locations and surface materials in the production of independent urban inscriptions.


I write about events, people and activities of interest under ‘Goings-on‘, and show my biggest graffiti photographic project to date under 100 Days of Leake Street.

Arts Facilitation is where I provide information about the arts organisation I run, I Know What I Like, and explain the vision behind it.


I also do work for the UCL Urban Laboratory and am organising the biggest international street art & graffiti conference in London this December.


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