I am a PhD researcher at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.

Welcome to my site, where I show some of my work. This work is about urban sites and signs, from the textural to the structural and to the aesthetically pleasing. In a way, this is simply a page about the importance of sites.

My doctoral thesis follows the relations between street art and places, looking at how they influence and impact on each other. What is it about certain places that ‘asks for it’, and what makes street art and graffiti cluster on different surfaces, streets or areas? And once it’s there, what kind of impact does it have on its location? Does it change people’s perception of that place, for the better or for the worse?

Driven by a passion for the visual dialogue that takes place on city surfaces, I observe and document different textures and marks on the built environment, and try to make sense of their layering and spatial arrangement.

I write about events, people and activities of interest under ‘Goings-on’, and show different visual aspects of my research under the ‘Studies’ sections of the site.

I also do work for the UCL Urban Laboratory, and am in charge of I Know What I Like, a London based organisation that handles urban & street art education through in situ activities like customised tours, debates and gallery visits. Drop us a line any time and I would be glad to take you on a walk and show you some of the less visible, but fascinating marks out there.

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