Welcome to my site, where I show some of my work. This is divided between a series of categories, all loosely connected by my interest in art, architecture and urban spaces of contention.


You will find graffiti research and street art research work under Doctoral Studies, which shows some of my explorations of urban sites and signs, from the textural to the structural and to the aesthetically pleasing. These studies look at street art and graffiti through their connections with city surfaces, trying to understand the importance of locations and surface materials in the production of independent urban inscriptions.

I write about events, people and activities of interest under ‘Goings-on‘, and show my biggest graffiti photographic project to date under 100 Days of Leake Street.


5 thoughts on “HELLO

  1. Hi I am a researcher in Norway (once Bartlett Grad School). I’ve become interested in urban inscription (solicited, legal, not-permittted, more) as part of cultural identity, espeically how long they do/ can/ are intended to/ are expected to last. Returning from Melbourne, I became inspired to look again at this area. Do you have a publication list I can see, particularly Leake Street? Hard to get over for any length of time, but the event looks great.

    • Hi Joel, sounds like we have very similar areas of interest. I can send you a couple of articles via email, they are book chapters waiting to be published which may contain some relevant info. The Leake Street project will be shown as part of Urban Lab’s Cities Methodologies exhibition. I have some notes on it but haven’t done a proper write-up yet, am happy to send the notes though if you are interested!

  2. Hi Sabina, Im a architecture diploma student studying Leake Street for my thesis project. What a fascinating area it is, with it constantly changing and all its glorious grittiness. My interest mainly lies in Leake Streets future. What will happen when all the development around York Road commences and can we preserve a future for this subculture quarter thats growing below waterloo without a complete gentrification of the area. I would be really fascinated to read your write up on Leake Street if possible. Im gutted I missed your tour back in October.

  3. Hey Sabina! I am currently studying a Master’s in UCL, and looking at the street art patterns in relation to space and the urban grid. If you are in London, or if we could have a chat, let me know.

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