Leake Street research wins Jon Prosser Award 2020 for outstanding work in visual methodologies

My Leake Street repeat photography research project has won the International Visual Sociology Association’s Prosser Award for outstanding work in visual methodologies.

The Prosser award is offered annually to emerging scholars from the social sciences, arts, humanities (and architecture!) and supports the development of qualitative visual research methods. I am very pleased that this project continues to be recognised as original and significant – and thank you to the IVSA for the support.

The project link on the IVSA website is here.

5 Replies to “Leake Street research wins Jon Prosser Award 2020 for outstanding work in visual methodologies”

  1. Hey Sabina,

    Congrats! Great stuff.

    Did you publish anything specifically on this methodology? I was riffing off the Graffiti Archaeology website, doing something similar back in 2009, and never published anything exclusively on the methodology. Perhaps there’s room for a joint pub?

    Hope you’re staying safe (I saw all those great photos you put together from the lockdown!).


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