Out late and dirty: curfews and the covid city

One of the main losses resulting from covid lockdowns and curfews has been that of rights to disorder, mischief, debauchery, and any number of afterhours activities which take place among people.

To respond to the thresholds theme of the new Borderland journal, I propose to inhabit the time-space of curfews and lockdowns, and confront their moral authority through a series of visual and written arguments. I will ask the reader to join me in the exercise of separating the virus from the lockdown, or the biological threat from its biopolitical management; and reflect for a few minutes on the urban behaviours and processes which, like many of our regular activities, have been prohibited, outlawed, and morally reprimanded.

Short article out now in Espacio Fronterizo // Borderland journal, with the wonderful editorial support of Manuela Irrazabal and Emily Chow-Kambitsch + a nod to Dr. D 😉

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