The Morphomata Centre for Advanced Studies in collaboration with The Research Network for Latin America have produced a conference on the politics and history of graffiti: http://www.ik-morphomata.uni-koeln.de/en/veranstaltungen/conferences/detail10.html?mrkd=17&m=4&y=2013&v=248, where academics seemed to configure this topic between sociology, anthropology, archaeology and art. This was a month ago, things to follow:

– Morphomata, the research centre itself

– Allan Gretzki http://www.allangretzki.de/ – graffiti artist and researcher with a focus on culture jamming

– Mona Abaza  http://www.aucegypt.edu/fac/profiles/pages/monaabazastauth.aspx – for her thorough evidence-based account of recent graffiti in Cairo, Egypt

– Martin Langner http://archaeologie.uni-koeln.de/node/477 – for the most serious and well documented reading of Pompei inscriptions

– Javier Abarca http://javierabarca.es/ – for teaching graffiti in Madrid

– Sascha Schierz http://www.uni-vechta.de/einrichtungen/wissenschaftliche-einrichtungen/institute-faecher/isbs/soziale-arbeit/mitglieder/schierz/ – for his knowledge in graffiti related policy and legislation

– Johannes Stahl http://www.j-stahl.de/ – because he was my intellectual kindred spirit throughout the conference

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